MyVested: The Modern Way To Invest in Cryptocurrency

Picture this – It’s 2017, cryptocurrency is booming and everyone’s investing in it, but wait! They’re all trying to become traders? Why? Because they have no choice! The cryptocurrency scene is optimized for traders today, services are made specifically for them. I believe this is a big blocker and why so many people haven’t gotten in the game.

Now you might be thinking “That’s not true! We have Coinbase, Coinjar and Coinspot, they’re easy!”. I agree, they are all great platforms that have made investing in Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies much easier. Call me picky but I need more than “It’s good enough”. There are a few missing pieces to the puzzle, that’s been my inspiration for starting MyVested. Read on and we’ll explore it in more detail. Read More

Cryptocurrency Security

Here at MyVested we get asked “Are you secure?” “How are you secure?” all the time, this post is to tell everyone that we are and hopefully not make it too techy and confusing.
I’ll give a quick answer for those who don’t want to spend all day reading: Yes, we are secure. Our encryption has 128 ENTIRE BITS OF ENTROPY.
For those that didn’t spend years studying 1’s and 0’s, that means to crack the encryption on one of our web requests, you would need to guess 2128-1 different keys. (that’s 170141180000000000000000000000000000000 if you were curious, good luck NSA!)

If you want a look into how we’ve designed some other stuff and mitigated common threats, read on! Read More